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In the manufactured spirit of the season, we came up with a list of some things that we’d like to avoid in life, as well as the things that we’d like to attract.  We thought to share it and hope you find it useful.

Things to Avoid:

1. Unnecessary debt (the concept of “neccessity” is open for interpretation here of course, but I’m looking at things in terms of how much of my life am I willing to spend in exchange for said need).

2. Being around people who make me feel bad about who I am, what I believe, or how I behave.  I don’t mind being challenged by others, but I don’t enjoy being judged, blamed, or shamed.

3. Holding onto unnecessary anger, whether towards loved ones or strangers.  I’d like to allow more space in myself for forgiveness by freeing up the space holding anger’s destructive energy.  (Please note that this doesn’t mean that I’m going to numb my emotions and pretend that life is a rose or smile in the face of exploitation and violence.  I’m just saying that I want to let go of the anger that damages relationships, moods, gatherings, and breakfast tables.  The kind that drags on unnecessarily,

4. Engaging ego, my own or others.  (Unfortunately, ego is one of those inescapable things, but if I’m more vigilant and self-observant, I may be able to avoid letting it control my life completely)

5. Junk, in all its forms, whether food, entertainment, or stuff

6. Confusing judgment for wisdom; times when I think I’m being wise when I’m actually being judgmental.


Things to Attract: 

1. Laughter, the kind that makes my entire body work and all my physical faucets leak.  Laughter that hurts my stomach but not anybody else’s feelings.  The kind that takes me unexpectedly, and leaves me weak yet joyful.

2. Learning moments, even in the form of challenges or experiences that push my comfort zone (but which are hopefully not catastrophic, traumatizing, or damaging in nature).

3. Critical nonjudgmental people who want to engage and be engaged, whether in reflecting on content, practice, or experience.

4. Honest feedback that isn’t advice (sincere observations and reactions that are relayed for me to reflect on and choose how to use according to my best judgment).

5. Gatherings of good people over good food.

6. Opportunities to be in nature.

7. Movement and energy, and anything that inspires them.

8. Good will and warmth.

9. The strength, courage, and support needed to pursue the life path that makes most sense to me.

10. The wisdom to realize when life is presenting me with exactly the things I need rather than the things I want.


*inspired by a dear loved one on his birthday, thank you, kazoon.

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